The Red Man (Vol. 6, No. 7)

March 1914

The first article, written by Cato Sells, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs argued that the greatest danger to Indians is alcohol. Tied to this, Senator Robert L. Owen wrote about the suppression of liquor traffic. Next, Sharman Coolidge covered the efforts to uplift the Indian’s through enforcement of liquor regulations. E. B Merrit, Assistant Commissioner then covered his stance on the suppression of liquor traffic among Indians. The authors of the next article, Kate C. McBeth and Mazie Crawford told the story of the rise and fall of alcohol in the Nez Perce County. Following their article, Judge George W. Atkinson wrote a poem entitled “Days That Are Gone Forever.” The next article, written by Gabe E. Parker, who was the register at the U. S. Treasury, discussed intemperance and how it is a vice of all Americans, not just Indians. J. A. Gilfillan then wrote about his experience with Ke-shi-ash, an Indian blacksmith from Leech Lake Agency. The final article, written by ex-governor of Tennessee M. R. Patterson discussed his changed position of liquor suppression, and his gradual support.

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