The Red Man (Vol. 6, No. 3)

November 1913

Arthur C. Parker, author of the first article, discussed the Third National Conference of Indians, which took place in Denver, Colorado on October 14, 1913. At this vent, political, religious, philosophic, and agricultural issues were discussed. Next, Dana H. Kelsey wrote about the current conditions and needs of the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma. Pulled from the New York Post, author Francis E. Leupp covered the recent outbreak of violence between Navajo and white men in Oklahoma. The final article, written by Harvey E. Taylor discussed the advancement Indians have made due to education and training, and is a continuation of the article he wrote in the prior issue. Finally, in the editorial comment section the indictment of Laura Kellogg for conspiracy was discussed. 

Note: A bookmark titled CARLISLE ROSTER OF EMPLOYEES was found in this issue. 

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