Exploring when students entered the school

Screenshot of the 'Explore student files' date of entry tab
Date of Post: 
March 17, 2016

This is the second in a series of posts about the ‘Explore Student Files’ section of the site. Today we are looking at the second tab in this section, ‘Date of Entry.’ The data in this tab can help explore connections between students based on when they officially entered the school. For instance, which students entered the Carlisle Indian School at the same time? When did groups of students from particular nations and tribes enter? At what times during the year did students enter the school? Did this vary over time?

To start exploring some of these questions, click the second tab, ‘Date of Entry’ in the ‘Explore Student Files’ section. Here you will find the number of student files associated with each date of entry. The dates of entry are grouped by year. To jump to a particular year, use the drop down menu (see A1 in screenshot). To see more about a particular group of students who all came in on the same day, click the number of student files (see A2 in screenshot). This will link out to a separate page where you can browse through all the student files for that date.

Are there stories to be told about students who all entered on the same day? What about a particular year? This tab also includes two subpages (see A3 in screenshot) that provide additional detail on the document types and nations of students for each year of entry.

The first subpage under this tab can help you explore the types of documentation available in the student files for each year. For example, sources available in these files for studying students who entered in 1894 are significantly different from the sources available for those who entered in 1914. Using the year of entry dropdown, you can see that for 1894, there are over 30 student files that contain returned student surveys, for instance, but only a few with applications for enrollment, whereas for 1914, there are very few with returned student surveys, but over 150 containing applications for enrollment. Getting an overview of what types of documentation are available for different years can help shape and focus research questions.

The second subpage under the tab works similarly, but with the addition of a search box to narrow the results by nation. Note that nations in the student files are tagged both as broad (nation only) and narrow (nation and tribe) terms. If you want to view all the tribes for a particular nation, type the name in the search box and click “apply” (see B1 in screenshot). You can also jump to particular years to see how many student files are available on the site for the different tribes. As before, clicking on the number of student files will take you to a separate browse page limited to only those files with that year and that particular nation or tribe (see B2 in screenshot).

We hope this helps you in gaining ideas for researching the chronology of how things changed over time at the Carlisle Indian School. As always, please let us know if you have any questions! You can click on the "Feedback" tab to send questions or comments. Future posts will continue exploring the tabs of the ‘Explore Student Files’ section.