Group of 11 Navajo students, 1883

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Group of 11 Navajo students, 1883

The handwritten note reads: Students at Government School at Carlisle, Pa.

Based on enrollment information and a few other photographs of the individuals pictured, we believe the students are as follows:

Younger boys seated in front, left to right - Charles Damon, George Williams. Seated, left to right - Manuelito Choni, Charlie, Tom Torlino, Manuelito Chiquito, Antoinette Williams. Standing, left to right - Saahtlie (George Watchman), Benjamin Damon, Francisco, Stailey Norcross.

This same group of Navajo students appear in a photograph with Richard Henry Pratt upon their arrival at the school on October 21, 1882. See the "Richard H. Pratt with 12 students, 1882" link below. 

We believe the photo dates from the spring or early summer of 1883 since there are only 10 men pictured here, although 11 arrived together. (Antoinette Williams arrived a year earlier.) John Bitzclay died in March of 1883, and 3 of the others left Carlisle in July and August of 1883 due to poor health.

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PC 2002.2, folder 4